Flint, MI

(Emo/Pop Punk)

FinalBossFight! (Flint, MI) formed in March of 2020, a very cool and normal month for the entire world. Sage and John became acquainted in high school after playing in a classic rock cover band together. After a few years of playing in a handful of separate bands after high school, the two would reunite and begin writing songs to cry and dance to.

FinalBossFight! would release their debut EP The Light in Your Room in 2020, followed by their 2021 single House Rules. With live shows out of the question due to the pandemic, FinalBossFight! took to the internet to build a network of fans and peers in the DIY emo scene. One of these connections was Billy, a musician from Southeast Michigan, who would join FinalBossFight! in the summer of 2021 on bass guitar.

In July of 2021, shows were beginning to re-emerge and the band was eager to finally play to a live audience. An invite to play a Lansing house show at The Church of Elvis Presley, a venue run by members of corduroy pants & Dad Caps, would prove to be a watershed moment for the band. Alongside corduroy pants, Dad Caps, Tequila Mockingbird, Tournament, Dear Heretic, Clipboards and many others, FinalBossFight! would find themselves immersed in a passionate community of fellow musicians, fans, and best friends in the Lansing emo scene.

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