Cincinnati, OH

(Country-tinged punk music, or "folk by punks")

Dustbin is a bona fide Midwest supergroup. Comprised of veteran musicians Ted Backus (Creamboy), Paige Beller (solo artist, Jasper the Colossal, Decent Criminal), Abbie Romero (SKRT), and Elijah Batson (Frontier Folk Nebraska, Arlo McKinley, Creamboy), this project combines heartfelt and immediate folk songs with the ethos and grit of punk rock. After the gradual dissolution of the band Creamboy, former members Ted and Elijah had been workshopping a new batch of stripped-back songs when they connected with Paige Beller, who had been an involved member of the Cincinnati and Dayton music scenes for years. This new collaboration added a whole new dimension to the existing songs, introducing intricate basslines and layered three-part vocal harmonies. As these songs developed even further, Paige brought in longtime friend and fellow Dayton/Cincinnati musician Abbie Romero to bring the songs to life with their technical and dynamic drumming. 

Dustbin’s songs promise impactful lyrics delivered through direct folk songwriting and backed by lush and nontraditional arrangements that effortlessly transition from country to shoegaze to punk and noise-rock, creating an end result that is truly more than the sum of its parts.

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