Dug Paxton - Artist, Illustrator, & Graphic Designer

From Dug’s website:

”Here's the part where I'm supposed to tell you about what inspires me to create, and then try and sell you my art! Or what I marinade my Tofu with (It's chicken, raw chicken). But here's the rub. It's a sham. I want you to buy my wares. That's why I have a spiffy site like this. To inspire you to buy my art. Shoes for my kids and what not. That sounds shady, but honestly, that's what I make art for. To make someone like you want to buy it. The biggest compliment to me is when my art inspires someone to purchase it. To laugh about it. To chuckle about it. Hell, I'll take a sarcastic scoff. But you hanging my art on your wall is the biggest and best adda boy I could ask for. I'll even happily have my art sit in that giant pile of prints sitting in your bedroom. You know that one where you're going to hang all that up, you just need frames. LOTS of frames. And UGH they're all different sizes. Why do artists do that? Can't all this amazing stuff be one, easily frameable size? I want my art on that pile. Because that means I moved you, even slightly with what I do! and that's awesome!”

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Dug Paxton - Artist/Illustrator - MIDWEST FRIENDS FEST

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